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E D G E S  &  F R A Y

Wesleyan University Press 2020

Vogel—Edges & Fray.jpg

"The mind might learn to mimic the forms it considers, and so learn love’s fundamental lesson—how to disentangle us from ourselves, and be woven into the nest that is the world. Danielle Vogel is an “architect of relation,” and Edges & Fray is a book of thought’s loving, living obedience to form. It is one of the lessons we need most right now."


 -Dan Beachy-Quick

“Vogel gifts us the body of the book and the carefully woven nest as twinned shelters—stays against our own ephemerality. Her lyrical meditations plait the threads of body and language into a beautiful 'architecture for that secret unsayable center.'"

-Amaranth Borsuk

“Delicacy reigns over and in and all through this work; it's poised on a fragility that keeps our attention at the quick, and yet, like the birds' nests at its core, it's also extremely resilient, with the lovely toughness of unlikely evolutionary forms. Among the exquisite photographs, there a few nests that include fragments of newspaper or other texts—they seem emblematic of the book as a whole: language here indeed becomes a home, a shelter and an occasion for life.” 

-Cole Swensen

Books: Gallery
Edges & Fray
The Way a Line Haluciates
Red Hen Press 2020
The Way a Line COVER.jpg

"In Danielle Vogel’s heartbreakingly gorgeous The Way a Line Hallucinates Its Own Linearity, she digs underneath the skin of the body, language, and the book, to scratch toward a haunting absence. To tend to and hold that absence—to stroke it—requires Vogel’s patient yet urgent series of utterances. A vibrational pull that won’t let us go results, a crackling cry in the ache of night, a sensate break into another sphere, a lit passion, a new blues. Yes to these poems’ redemptive resilience, their fracture and their blur. Yes, yes, yes. I am reminded of why we need poetry."


-Dawn Lundy Martin

"In this book, Danielle Vogel reveals language as a pattern that creates the page out of syntax. In this way, poetry is a séance between reader and writer; an encounter in which space is created so breathing can happen. If words can heal, this exquisite and careful book opens language to its capacity to create space, breath, and unconscious resources. It is a remarkable contribution to contemporary poetry and its luminous mindbody connectivities."

-Kristin Prevallet


"How does language reside in our bodies? In the stunning second volume of her trilogy, Danielle Vogel vivifies the ineffable qualities of language and writing in our bodies. Language has great affective power even at the scale where “all letters are occupied by touch,” and these three long poems perform a reparative interrogation whose premise might be situated in her lucid observation that “We hold language and language holds us.” Vogel is doing semiotic soulwork here, excavating memory to tell us how we are bound by even the silences between the paragraphs we imprint onto art and the world. After reading this collection you won’t be able to use language without reckoning how it extends your body into a vast network of connection and sound."

-Carmen Giménez Smith

B E T W E E N  G R A M M A R S

Noemi Press 2015

"What is the relationship between book and body? This lovely text, both spare and voluminous, invokes an intimate register in which letters become liquid garments. Vogel adeptly “lets the ledge of a sentence wax.” Her white space brims. Her parentheses cup breath to your ear. This book invites you to stand in an alphabetic current, abandon the distance between reader and text, pet words with your eye. Between Grammars transcribes lament for the limits of language and simultaneously conveys a hopefulness for poetry as an innately connective impulse."

Between Grammars—Danielle Vogel—Cover

                                                                  -Laynie Brown

Between Grammars

C O U N T E R - D E S E C R A T I O N:

A Glossary for Writing Within the Anthropocene

Edited by Linda Russo & Marthe Reed

Wesleyan University Press 2018

Counter-Desecration Cover

I N   R E S O N A N C E:
translations of light in language
E-chapbook — Essay Press 2017

Vogel—In Resonance—Essay Press.jpg

"I begin writing with a simple, maybe impossible desire: I want to translate the logic of light as it moves. And not just visible light, but also the hidden light that occurs at the microscopic levels of our nervous systems."

Read more here

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