I offer individualized mentorship sessions for those seeking guidance on their art or healing journey. Sessions will be shaped by your concerns.

Together, we might review and hone your writing intentions, rituals, and goals. We might explore ways to nourish your intuition. Or work to deepen your path and practice as a teacher or healer. We might discuss daily rituals for embodiment + spiritual development. Or I might offer writing experiments tailored specifically for you while holding space for you as you write. We might meet to review a project you are currently working on. Maybe you are about to cross a threshold (sending your work out for publication, changing fields, coming out, losing a loved one, etc.) and you seek guidance for crossing with intention.

You may arrive with an existing project—in any field—or the desire to begin anew. Arrive with a daily ritual practice in place or simply a calling to listen to your own intuitive core in new and profound ways. 

Our first session, for new clients only, will be the foundation of our work together. Across approximately an hour, we will set your intentions + goals to guide our process. Following meetings will be tailored by these concerns.


Mentorship, new clients (1-1.5 hours): $100-$175, sliding scale.

In-person or on Zoom.


Extended Mentorship, existing clients (1hr): $100-$175, sliding scale.

In-person or on Zoom.

Please note, if you would like me to offer editorial suggestions for your creative work outside of our meeting hours, that can be arranged for an additional fee.

Please contact me for booking. 

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About  my rates —


As I actively dream toward a future where the wounds of colonialism and capitalism have healed, I strive to make these sessions accessible to all while honoring my energy.


Toward that end, there is a sliding scale for extended mentorship sessions. I ask that you decide where you fall on that spectrum, with honesty.

I also offer 1 low-cost session a month for $80.


And 1 pay-what-you-can session a month.

Please email me. I'm happy to work with you.